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(runtimes in minutes:seconds, with a total of 42:15)

Intro (4:15)

  • the equipment and how it works
  • example of filming
  • sound in slow motion

Billiards (14:15)

  • close-up of tip and ball contact for different tips
  • pendulum stroke and grip-hand response
  • cue stick deflection and vibration for shot with english and miscue
  • follow and draw shots
  • corner pocket rattle
  • spin transfer and throw
  • gearing outside english
  • collision-induced throw and spin
  • rail compression
  • effects of natural and running english
  • follow and draw kick off the rail
  • rail cut-shot demonstrations and cue ball control
  • break shots
  • jump shot
  • explanation and visualization of how to detect and avoid double-hit fouls

Balloons (1:20)

  • air balloon popping
  • water balloons popping, bouncing, vibrating, and breaking

Breaking Stuff (3:00)

  • hammer hitting bottle, crackers, ice
  • bottle drop, explode, and bottom-smack-out
  • shaken pop can shot with a pellet gun
  • can crush trick

Engineering (4:30)

  • two-by-four wall ballistic studies (for Hurricane wind damage simulation)
  • internal-combustion engine four-stroke cycle, valve springs, spring surge, and valve float
  • guitar strings vibrating
  • computer hard disk in operation

Toys (5:30)

  • Newton's Cradle
    • conservation of momentum
    • conservation of energy
  • Newton's Amplifier
    • momentum transfer
  • Gyro Hoop
    • gyroscopic motion
  • Tipsie Top
    • energy transfer
    • angular momentum changes

Fluids and Foods in Motion (1:50)

  • milk drops
  • marble dropped in water
  • popcorn
  • Jello jiggle, bounce, and ballistics

Stupid Animal Tricks (2:40)

  • moth flying
  • dog peanut butter lick
  • dog bone catch

Stupid Human Tricks (3:30)

  • mouth vibrations
  • arm and stomach punches
  • slaps
  • ear flick
  • hard punch to the face
  • chest shot with BB gun
  • back shot with paint-ball gun
  • milk hurl

Closing (1:25)

  • conclusions
  • website info
  • credits