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Dave Gross (12squared) (a top regional player):

1) This is the best production of all of Dr. Dave's series (most done w/Bob, but not all). I have them all so I know.

2) The most comprehensive series on 9/10 ball that I have seen, it is packed w/useful information for the beginner to advanced player.

3) The DVD on "The Break" is awesome. Yes, much of what is discussed and shown has been discussed before by others, but never all together in one place as this one does. One of my favorite things is that Dr. Dave and Bob have break strokes that we all can emulate/duplicate with a little work; so we do not have to break like SVB and have his stroke to be successful (although we would love to). The knowledge gained here may be the difference between winning and losing.

4) Without going into each DVD, I would just like to say that there is great content throughout. Well over 5 hours of concepts; strategies; how to improve your cueball w/a few important rules/tips; best shot/safety options; and examples. But even with that amount of info contained in the DVD's, Dr. Dave points you to additional links on his website for additional detail. You will learn plenty if you want to.


Buster Jones (AZB poster):

Overall, it's the most information on breaking 9 or 10 ball that I've seen. Most of the info is out there, but not in one place. Also, they show some new things that I haven't seen before like differences in top spin and bottom spin on certain breaks. Certain angles that balls follow depending angle of cue ball hit. I think SVB talked briefly about this in 10 ball, but they give more detail. Also they illustrate the different breaks well, compared to other videos on the subject. ... This video gives more important breaking info for the dollar than any other video that I've seen on the subject.


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