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Tom Simpson (PBIA and ACS Master Instructor):

Engineers Gone Wild! This is what happens when you let two really smart instructors loose with video gear.

Instructors – You need this resource. Don't re-invent these wheels. Shut up and buy it.

Players – I dare you to do these exercises and not get better! I double dare you.

The good news – this stuff works and is really efficient about it. The bad news – you have to actually go to the table and do it. And don't try to do it all in week or a month. This is worth doing until you get it right.

Another excellent addition to the short list of must-have resources for pool players & instructors.

George Fels (Billiards Digest, February, 2012):

the most comprehensive collection of practice drills ever published ... virtually everything you need to elevate your game.

Tom Shaw (Pool & Billiards, May, 2012, p. 35):

organization, presentation and editing are top-drawer ... practice routines ... logically grouped, very well explained, and demonstrated skillfully ... as well as some fun stuff to make practice less onerous ...

Don "Cheese" Akerlow (The Break, February, 2012):

These DVDs will not only bring you back to basics but will teach you more than what your knew! I recommend the Video Encyclopedia of Pool Practice (VEPP) highly. With patience, determination and practice, your game will improve. These are the best DVDs on making your game better than it is or bringing you back to where you were. They are easy to understand. Coupled with additional resources online which give you more videos, diagrams and instruction, the entire set whether purchased individually or as a complete set is well worth the price.

Lou Figueroa:

To all you aspiring pool players out there: Dr. Dave and Bob Jewett have, through their hard work, expertise, and love of the game -- in a nice neat package (the only thing missing is the bow) -- provided you with an invaluable roadmap towards improving your game. I think that even more advanced players will find information of value and deserving of practice.

What I especially like about their "drills for skills" is the rock solid core information and the straight forward manner in which it is presented. No mumbo jumbo, just the facts, ma'am. Both these guys have been long-standing contributors to the pool community, here and elsewhere. I don’t think you could do any better if you’re looking for an affordable comprehensive path of instruction towards improving your game.

Well done, Gentlemen.

Dave Gross (12squared):

I must say you produce some of the most consistent products out there, and very thorough. As others have mentioned, there is so much information and drills that it would take a long time to actually go through everything and report on whether or not each drill is helpful. I suspect some will be more helpful than others depending on the person doing the drills. But all the information is excellent!

An added bonus for me was being able to watch Bob execute all the drills. For those who have never seen Bob hit a ball, he has a very classic stance and stroke, text book you might say (classic stance & stroke does not always mean old, but in this case...). So it helps instill good habits to those watching.

Overall, if you like VEPS, you'll like VEPP. Dr. Dave delivers again w/ a different partner (Tom Ross was the VEPS partner), no disappointments. It's up to the individual soak up what they feel is important to them. And like VEPS, your website as a reference is crazy good. It really makes it easy for the student to create the templates you talk about and to look for any one subject.

Well done boys.

Patrick Johnson:

I think one of the major strengths of VEPP and VEPS is how well they complement each other. The practical applications in VEPS are graphic in-action illustrations of many of the skills addressed in VEPP. For its part, VEPP shows by example how to construct drills for any VEPS skill and, by extension, for any identifiable skill.

Add the extensive linkage to your website infotrove and you have a uniquely valuable instructional resource that's at its most productive when used as a single interactive suite.

I own both and honestly can't say which is "best" because they're each a different gem in its own right - and together they're more than the sum of their parts.


 I have a lot of instructional materials that are out there today but I find myself constantly going back to Dr. Dave’s body of work. If you want to gain a full understanding of the game and truly improve, you need to answer the ‘why’ questions before you can effectively implement the ‘how’ solutions. Dr. Dave always answers both ‘why’ and ‘how’ thoroughly; he doesn't gloss over the ‘why’ parts and skip to the flashier and easier to market ‘how’ solutions.

Does VEPP provide anything new or different? It absolutely does; if you want no-nonsense, gimmick free, cutting edge material look no further.


I don't know of a more complete resource for an inexperienced player. It's a fantastic compilation of information all in one location.


If you are a pool enthusiast, the VEPP dvd set is one of a few must haves. Given the incredible amount of material covered, it is priced very reasonably as well.


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